Moksha-cast episode 11

We're fresh off our most recent tour of the West Coast and boy do we have some tales to tell! On this episode Sam and Tree are joined by the epic Bob Backstrom a.k.a. "Bobby B" and his legendary "jackal cackle," who accompanied us on the whole tour. He will be aiding in the recollection of some of the more colorful incidents from our journey. Following that you can hear our entire Arcata show from Feb. 22nd at Humbrews (plus a little bonus audio at the end of the podcast). Enjoy!

Moksha-Cast episode 10

This podcast features a jam session between the members of Moksha and POA.

Moksha-cast episode 9

Moksha-cast episode 9 features a variety of recordings from our travels this summer. These recordings were done live at shows so some are higher quality than others but we think you'll enjoy them anyway.

Track listing:
Blind To the Time - 09.10.12 Sancho's Broken Arrow - Denver, CO
Faux Real - 09.28.12 Hard Rock Cafe - Las Vegas, NV
Island Thyme - 08.17.12 - Boom Boom Room - San Francisco, CA
Obtuse - 09.28.12 Hard Rock Cafe - Las Vegas, NV
The Seed - 08.10.12 - Private Party
Into Thin Air - 08.10.12 - Private Party
Measure of All Things - 05.26.12 Rogue Rock Gym - Medford, OR

Moksha-Cast 8 with James “Bonzai” Caruso!

Our latest podcast features the amazing Grammy-award winning recording engineer and mastermind behind both of our records James "Bonzai" Caruso! We discuss Bonzai's origins in the music business, the evolution of recording techniques over the years, the myriad artists Bonzai has worked with, and so much more. Bonz has blessed the Moksha-Cast with some serious knowledge, don't miss this one!!!

Moksha-Cast Episode 7

As promised, Episode 7 has arrived in a timely manner.  This show features an intro from Sam and Tree with a few more stories from the road then we play set 2 from Rogue Rock Gym in Medford, OR on 5/26/12.

Moksha-Cast Episode 6

Episode 6...Tales from the road

In this episode we wanted to give everyone a little look into what it's like to be on the road with Moksha.   You'll notice that we talk a lot more in the intro on this episode so if you get tired of listening to us ramble just fast forward to the 33 min mark to get to the first set of our show at the Rogue Rock Gym in Medford, OR on 5/26/12.  In the future, we hope to expand on this format with interviews as well as more field recordings.  As this is an ongoing experiment, we're trying to find ways to make the podcast more interesting so feel free to give us feedback...Let us know what you want to hear.

Moksha Cast – Episode 5

Hey Everybody,

One of the questions we get asked the most is how we develop new songs, so in this podcast we decided to show you one of the ways we come up with new ideas.  In this podcast you'll hear us start from a blank slate, throw out ideas and freely explore them to see what develops.  It's basically a free form jam that we recorded last night with the hopes to mine a few new ideas.

Give us some feedback and lets know what you want to hear in future episodes of the podcast.


Episode 4 – The Vinyl Episode

As a celebration of the upcoming release of our new album "Here To Go" on vinyl this episode features songs from the depths of my record collection.

Set list:
1) Dr. John - Dance the Night away with You - City Light
2) Radiohead - India Rubber - Fake Plastic Trees EP1 Single
3) Little Feat - Dixie Chicken > Tripe Face Boogie- Waiting for Columbus
4) Talking Heads - Thank you for sending me an Angel - More Songs about Buildings and Food
5) Diana Ross and the Supremes - Hard Days Night - Anthology
6) Miles Davis - Neo - Miles Davis in Person at the Blackhawk, San Fransisco
7) Bill Evans - Peace Piece - Everybody Digs Bill Evans: Bill Evans Trio

Moksha-Cast Episode 2

Sam's first attempt at podcasting.  Here he plays some of his favorite music.

Go or go ahead - Rufus Wainwright
Fire and Rain - Carol King & James Taylor
Atoms for Peace - Thom Yorke
All Matter - Bilal
Father and Son - Cat Stevens
Corpus Christi Carol - Jeff Buckley
Glósóli - Sigur Rós
The Jungle Line - Joni Mitchell
The Present Tense (live) - Thom York
In the Aeroplane over the Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel
Ezra Pound - Canto 1 - as read by Basil Bunting

Moksha-Cast Episode 1

Here's our first podcast.  Enjoy

All songs performed by Moksha
Beanie Man (12/31/09 - E-String Grill, Las Vegas, NV)
Teasin' (12/31/09 - E-String Grill, Las Vegas, NV)
Halloween Medley (10/30/10 - Hard Rock Cafe, Las Vegas, NV)
Change Your Mind (12/31/09 - E-String Grill, Las Vegas, NV)